‘Social distancing dress’, woman creates with a 6-ft radius

'Social distancing dress', woman creates with a 6-ft radius
‘Social distancing dress’, woman creates with a 6-ft radius

An Instagram user Shay proved that a true artist can find inspiration in even the most obscure things by making ‘social distancing dress’. This creation took two months to design. The process of production of the dress is as fascinating as the finished product is beautiful. Also Read: Gandhi Jayanti 2020: 10-year-old boy goes for COVID-19 test dresses Up as Mahatma Gandhi in Gujarat

Initially, Shay shared information about her new project on her Instagram account at the end of September. The new dress with a 6ft radius looks like your own little social distancing bubble, she described in the caption. Also Read: Cardi B apologises for posing as ‘Goddess Durga’, says ‘don’t like offending anyone’s religion’

Check out the the caption explaining Shay’s process of making dress and the video shared along with it:

Shay shared posts in the sequence about how much progress she had made over the months.

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Here’s the post you all excited to see what the result looks like. On November 20, Shay shared a post showing her ‘social distancing dress’.

Since being shared, Shay’s ‘social distancing dress’ has accumulated over 1.6 lakh likes and many appreciative comments.

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