Proposal goes wrong: Austrian woman falls off 650-ft cliff after saying ‘Yes’ to boyfriend

Representative Image (Image Credit: Reddit)

A romantic proposal ended in disaster after a man’s fiancee tripped and fell off a 650-foot cliff immediately after saying ‘yes’ to her boyfriend. The incident took place atop the Falkart mountain in Carinthia, Austria on December 27. Also Read: Shocking! 24-Yr-Old Russian woman dies after charging iPhone fell into her Bathtub

If reports are to be believed, the 27 year-old-man had proposed to his girlfriend a day after trekking up the famous mountain. Her fall was broken by a bed of snow at the bottom of the mountain. In a bid to save her life, the man also jumped after her but was left hanging 50-feet through the air from the main cliff where he proposed to her.

According to a Daily Mail report, a police officer at the scene said, ‘The two were extremely lucky! Had it not been for snow, it would have turned out very differently.’ Also Read: ‘Social distancing dress’, woman creates with a 6-ft radius

However, a passerby spotted the woman on a bed of snow and alerted authorities who later rescued her and the man hanging from the cliff was rescued by a helicopter. The couple was rushed to the hospital where the doctors revealed that the man only suffered a fractured vertebra. Also Read: While shopping for Karwa Chauth, woman beats up teenage girl for calling her ‘Aunty’ – Watch

The woman was admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, she does not have any life-threatening injuries.

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