Kerala couple trolled for posting intimate pictures of ‘Post-Wedding’ photoshoot

Kerala couple trolled for posting intimate pictures of 'Post-Wedding' photoshoot
Kerala couple trolled for posting intimate pictures of ‘Post-Wedding’ photoshoot (Image credit: Instagram @weddingstoriesphotography)

Ways of rejoicing wedding rituals have altered with pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots. Wedding photoshoots have become a fashion for new duos. They also carve their pictures unforgettable by attempting special poses at spectacular locations. But sometimes it could create a problematic situation for them. Also Read: Mandana Karimi gets upset with trolls and quits Instagram

Recently, a couple from Kerala has been very much trolled online for an intimate and romantic post-wedding photoshoot. Rishi Karthikeyan and Lakshmi we’re not able to commemorate their wedlock ceremony as they had planned to and tied the knot on September 16 in a small event. Also Read: Virat Kohli’s Troll From the Past Strikes Back After 10 Years, Netizens’ Reactions!

Later, to celebrate their wedding, they decided to have a post-wedding photoshoot. They contacted a photographer and went to Vagamon in the tea gardens of the Idukki district, Kerala for having the photoshoot done. Also Read: Netizens trolled Aamir Khan after pictures of his meeting with Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan go viral

Whereas most couples choose traditional outfits for wedding photoshoots and walk around the temple holding hands, Rishi and Lakshmi wanted to go for something very different. The newlyweds draped white sheets around them and got their photoshoot done in the spectacular tea plantations. Also Read: Actor Abhishek Bachchan was asked ‘Hash hai kya’, this is how he replied

However, when the couple posted their pictures on Facebook on Thursday, netizens denounced them for indecency. Their pictures were called unethical and inappropriate and met with online abuse, trolls and vulgar comments. Also, Lakshmi was called out for promoting nudity. Still, a few people admired the duo and the photography.

“These pictures are the photographer’s creativity and talent. He captured aesthetic shots of us. Though, most users, mainly on Facebook, began moral policing me and my wife over the nature of the pictures. None of my family members objected to the shoot.,” says Rishi.

“I wear off-shoulder clothes and shorts. And showing my neck or legs is not nudity. Initially, we reacted to some of the comments but then the pictures went viral, so we decided to ignore it,” Lakshmi said. 

She added that even her friends and relatives phoned and recommended them to delete the pictures to maintain their privacy. But they are determined on not taking down the pictures, since the idea of this photoshoot was to sport the fun and intimacy between a couple of post-wedding.

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