Is Akshay Kumar’s ‘FAU-G’ Game Poster ‘Copied’ from Stock Image? No, makers clarify

Is Akshay Kumar's 'FAU-G' Game Poster 'Copied' from Stock Image? No, makers clarify
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After the government of India banned PUBG Mobile, “nCore Games” have announced their own multiplayer game “FAU-G”. It stands for ‘Fearless And United Guards’ in support of PM Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign. “FAU-G” is believed to be a copy of the banned “PUBG Mobile” because it is still not clear that if it will be a battle royal. The first level of the game will be set in “Galwan Valley” and it will be available to download in October. The official trailer of this game has yet to be launched.

The Nations Gaming Community has been getting shocks one after another. The first shock was too banned “PUBG mobile” by the government and the second shock was too banned other 117 apps that include “Rules Of Survival” and “Creative Destruction To This Suspension”.

Akshay Kumar (Khiladi of Bollywood) shared FAU-G’s poster on his Twitter account. However soon after the poster released, netizens started accusing the” nCORE Games” as well as actor “Akshay Kumar” for using Shutterstock photo on its announcement poster. Also Read: Apple removed the Fortnite Game Developer Epic Games from App Store

This proclamation of an Indian mobile game with PUBG mobile has been seen furry reactions on twitter. Reactions of netizens on twitter were mixed(Negative and Positive both). FAU-G’s poster became the target of trollers after allegations of plagiarism were imposed on the makers of the FAU-G game i.e. “nCORE Games”. Out of many accusations including ‘fooling people in the name of nationalism’, one is the poster of the game being copied.

However, it’s a photo that is readily available to purchase on ‘Shutterstock’, the plagiarism angle loses its meaning. Clarifying all the allegations, Mr.Vishal Gondal, Co-Founder of “nCORE Games”, said that they had officially bought the license of that “Shutterstock” photo used in its poster. “nCORE Games” decides to issue an official statement on Twitter to clarify all the allegations of plagiarism that were imposed on the makers of the “FAU-G game”.

Some netizens came in the company’s defence and called trollers “ignorant”.

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