Horrific! Chinese vlogger dies after ‘set on fire’ by ex-husband during live stream

Horrific! Chinese vlogger dies after 'set on fire' by ex-husband during live stream

The tragic case of a rural Chinese vlogger who expired after being set on fire by her ex-husband, while doing a live stream two weeks ago, has ignited outrage over domestic violence across Chinese social media. Also Read: Horrific: 4,000 pets Including dogs, cats, rabbits bought online found dead in China

After battling for life over the past two weeks, the 30-year-old Chinese blogger, popularly known as Lamu died on Wednesday, September 30, because of serious burns caused by the fire. Also Read: Tried to copy big star, Poland model got blind

On September 14, she was on a live stream on the social media site. Soon after she started streaming, her screen went blank. Her ex-husband, Tang had barged into the house and poured petrol on her. He also had a knife with him. Tang set Tamu on fire in which she suffered severe burns. Also Read: Hat-Ke-Haldi: Haldi ceremony with social distancing, people say- Indians have every jugaad! Watch

She was taken to a local hospital immediately. Her family requested to Lamu’s followers for financial help and within 24 hours more than 1 million yuan were raised, for her treatment. Also Read: Bizarre! UP youth kills 11 pigeons of his neighbour with stone as revenge because he warned him to spit

Tang was craving for revenge on Lamu because she had commenced their divorce because of domestic violence. Earlier this year, she had divorced him over repeated domestic abuse. But, Tang wanted her back and was intimidating both Lamu and her family. Police had jailed him on suspicion of intentional homicide and an inquiry is underway.

Lamu was a famous name on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. She had a massive following of 782,000 followers and 6.3 million likes. She would put up videos showing her rural life in the Sichuan region. She was very much admired for the no-makeup look and genuine videos showing a rural life.

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