Paytm app is back on Google Play Store hours after it was taken down

Paytm, the payments and financial services app has mysteriously disappeared from Google Play Store. The app is owned by One97 Communications Ltd. Paytm app is not being visible on the Google Play Store. The other apps including Paytm mall, Paytm business, Paytm money, and others are still visible on Google Play Store. Also Read: Check out the list of 11 apps removed from Google Play Store for injecting Joker Malware in Android Phones

UPDATE:  Paytm app is back on Google Play Store for download hours after it was taken down.

However, Paytm is available on the Apple app store for download. Google has apparently removed the Paytm app because it violates the company’s new rule i.e. no involvement around online gambling.

The Paytm tweeted to confirm the twitter users that Paytm has temporarily removed from the play store. Currently, Paytm is not available on Google Play Store, but we will return soon. Your money is completely safe and will soon be able to use the Paytm app as before.

Paytm disappear from the Google Play Store a few hours after Google’s Suzanne Frey, a vice president, product, Android Security, and Privacy, detailed the guidelines in a blog post. Google in its post, “Google play is designed to provide a safe and secure experience for the consumers and also giving developers the tools and platforms they need to build the durable business. Our global policies have been designed with an aim in mind, considering the good of all our collaborators.”

“We have the same goals as our gambling policy. We don’t allow online casinos or to support any illegal regulated gambling apps that involve in sports betting. If any app leads consumers to an external website that is purely illegal (gambling apps), it is a violation of our policies,” wrote Suzzane. It means that Google has removed Paytm from Play Store because it violates the new guidelines on online gambling or contests.

Paytm recently in a blog said that the company recently launched the ‘Paytm cricket league’. It was found against violation of google play store policies on gambling.

Reports claimed that Google had notified the developers about the removal of the app from the Play Store and it continues to be in touch with Paytm to get the app back on Play Store.

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