Google is going green: World’s 1st major company to eliminate ‘Carbon Legacy’, aims to operate on ’24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030′

Google is going green: World's 1st major company to eliminate 'Carbon Legacy', aims to operate on '24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030'
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Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced Google has become the world’s first major company to completely eliminate ‘carbon legacy’ on Monday in a blog post. He also told about the company’s future goal is to be using carbon-free energy by 2030. This is going to be very much more challenging than the conventional method of matching energy usage with renewable energy. Also Read: Check out the list of 11 apps removed from Google Play Store for injecting Joker Malware in Android Phones

Carbon dioxide is one of the gases which cause the greenhouse effect resulting in increasing the Earth’s temperature. It is causing climate change problems on the planet.

Google offset carbon emissions related to its operations and became the first major carbon-neutral company in 2007 and also the first major company to match our energy usage with 100 percent renewable energy in 2017, Pichai wrote in the announcement post. Also Read: Google removes these 25 apps for stealing users Facebook login details, see the complete list of apps

“We are working to get this done by 2030 because this is far more challenging than the traditional approach of matching energy usage with renewable energy,” the head of Google’s operations further added.

If this plan succeeds then every email that will be sent through Gmail, every route that will be found using Google Maps and every YouTube video that will be watched will be powered by clean energy. To get there, Google will pair clean power sources together, increase its use of battery storage, and use AI to optimize its electricity demand forecasting.

“Google is investing in technologies to assist its partners and people everywhere on the planet to make sustainable decisions. This would directly generate quite 20,000 new jobs in clean energy and associated industries, by 2025,” Pichai wrote.

Devastated by the climate crisis Pichai wrote, “The science is clear: the planet should act currently if we’re attending to avert the worst aftermath of global climate change.”

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