Mysuru police officer builds a house for orphan sisters, takes responsibility for their education too

Mysuru police officer builds a house for orphan sisters, takes responsibility for their education too
Mysuru police officer builds a house for orphan sisters, takes responsibility for their education too (Image credit: The Better India)

In a viral video in which two orphan sisters, 17-year-old and 14-year-old, who live in Shiramahalli village, about 60 km from Mysuru, told about their hardship. After learning about the video, S Doreswamy, an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) associated with the HD Kote police station, built a house for them. Also Read: Meet Hyderabad IAS officer powering a recycling revolution

He came across this emotional video of two sisters in April and the fact that the teenage girls had no other relatives bothered him. Their lives took an ugly turn when their parents died 8 years back, after that their grandmother looked after them but she too died of old age. They had no food to eat and were relied on their survival on the charity of the villagers. And the countrywide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic had worsened their conditions. It was very difficult for them to have meals for the day. Also Read: 29-year-old doctor quits job to serve a neglected village in Himachal 

To know the sister’s plight, ASI Doreswamy decided to visit their house. He was accompanied by his son, Manjunath, and wife, Chandrika during the visit. The sisters were then living in a mud house that was in ramshackle condition. There was no bed or mattress for them to sleep on. They had no electricity supply and no toilets inside the dilapidated house. Also Read: Delhi: 72-year-old Ganga Ram handling traffic for 32 years without salary, here’s why

Soon after witnessing their miserable condition Doreswamy bought ration and groceries for them. His son Manjunath, who is a commerce graduate said, “My father was very affected after seeing their condition and we too delt awful. So he immediately took the next step, which was to build a new concrete house with a toilet in it, in the place of the old mud house, and to make a boundary surrounding the house for protection. Along with a new bed and mattress, a few utensils, a fan, and a television were also provided to them. We also gifted them with both a new pair of clothes.”

Beyond the basic daily necessities, Doreswamy enrolled the elder sister in a private school for her better education. Also, he gave them a smartphone for attending online classes. He had spent over Rs 3 Lakh for making things good for them. Also Read: CRPF officer who killed 50 terrorists and won 7 gallantry awards in the service of 4 years

Doreswamy said that he was moved by the plight of the sisters and decided to do everything in his power to make their life better. He said, “Everyone has a right to live a good life. We should help needy people to lessen the burden on their shoulders. And I have a chance to do it now. My family and I have decided to take care of their education and daily expenditures.” 

On October 23, a small house warming event for the new house was organised by Doreswamy’s family. A Dharmasthala trust has also offered to pay Rs 1,500 per month to the sisters.

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