Virat Kohli’s Troll From the Past Strikes Back After 10 Years, Netizens’ Reactions!

The current Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, has matured over the years, from being known for his temper and infamous incidents. Kohli has grown to be a player who now seldom gets into controversial confrontations and acts.

Kohli has had many infamous incidents such as the middle finger incident in Australia and verbally ‘Sledging’ the opponents. Around 2011 Kohli got into a Twitter feud with one of his fans and threatened him of deactivating his account.

Kohli had warned the fan that his Twitter account has been reported and will be deactivated soon. It is not quite known what exactly the fan did to upset the Indian skipper but it is clear that the fan used some type of ‘Foul Language.’

“Your account has been reported and will be deactivated soon. Don’t tweet if u wana use foul language,” Virat had tweeted.

Unfortunately, the account is still active and the fan makes sure to remind Kohli every five years about the incident. The fan in 2016 tweeted reminding Kohli that his account was still up despite the threat from the Indian captain.

This Thursday the fan, like always took to Twitter to remind Kohli AGAIN about the incident. The fan wrote, “10 daal house Kohli Bhai.”

Kohli’s fans immediately took notice of the twitter exchange and reminded the fan how things have changed drastically in these 10 years. Virat Kohli is “the best batsman ever, richest cricketer, fourth-most followed athlete, and only India in Forbes list of richest-earning athletes,” today. Another fan mocked the troll form staying the same for the past 10 years.

Many others soon took to Twitter to troll the troll and reminded him how he hasn’t changed in 10 years and Virat Kohli achieved everything a young-cricket aspirant dreams to achieve. Virat is the top-ranked batsman in ODI, second-highest ranked in Tests and is top 10 in T20s. He is also graded as the greatest cricketer of all time.

Kohli will be next seen captaining RCB in IPL, that’s scheduled to start on September 19th, in UAE.

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