Samsung Is Planning For a Big Comeback With Premium Smartphones In India

In the technology world when everyone it to trying their best to be on the top leading company by presenting advanced features in their smartphones.

Samsung is one of the leading mobile brands that are now coming back with its new smartphone “Samsung S3” with fresh and new exciting features at the best price.

Samsung’s goals are to improve earnings or revenue by expanding or spreading sales of premium smartphones and widening the competitiveness of its mid to low-end lineup In India.

Tweaking its department would be a godsend for Samsung to rebirth its growth path. 

It was a time ago when Samsung was the leader in the mobile industry in India. It was almost eight years back when Samsung was at its pinnacle with the rollout of Galaxy S3 from the Noida facility. 

Today, the growth rate of the Indian smartphone is inexpensive 8% in the market, as it is observed in the growth rate in 2019. On the different side, South Korean enormous recorded ignoring or declining or reducing shipments between the top five mobile brands of the world. 

In the last past eight years, it had been seen that the Chinese invasion over India has detected its bad influence in the Indian mobile industry.

it is observed that the Chinese smartphone companies are invented the brands that have captured around 72% of the Indian market in 2019 as we relate it to 2018 where it was 60%.

The Chinese invasion launched devices with top-notch features and functions while taking the average or decent selling point (ASP) further down. 

From the very beginning, Samsung has faced the heat as smartphones became available at more affordable costs with each passing year.

The mobile brands such as Xiaomi and Vivo got the reasonable to mid-premium segments. They forcing or controlling the firms to launch online exclusive M series in the budget lines, which became the successful attempt or try. 

The mobile business or companies’ only aim is to improve the profits by spreading sales of premium models like the enlarged 5G lineup and many new foldable devices with amazing features. Samsung has many expectations with this mixed product with the launch of new flagship models as well as foldable devices.

In India, leading companies are coming back to the premium approach as well as strategies with introducing the lite version where currently one plus is placing on the top ranking. 

Samsung is performing well in the online market space. Now the market competition is producing high-performance segments plus components that cover APs as well as the memory and cameras. Samsung is planning to create it separate its premium exciting smartphones by developing 5G adoption by offering new designs.

 It states by the research analyst of technology that “The Samsung company is working it’s hard to be on leading track once again by advanced technology with exciting features. In 2020, they built portfolio across price tiers with this they also launched a lite version of its flagship phones S10 and Note 10 which is one of the decent steps towards success or growth”. 

Also, they are trying to make their marketing strategies more effective in the competition of the mobile phone industry. 

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