Steel businesswoman falls in love with her Servant, then it happened…

Steel businesswoman falls in love with her Servant
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A love story of a businesswoman and her servant has grabbed everyone’s eyes. The woman is searching for her servant whom she likes very much. While looking for the servant, she has come Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. The woman has filed a complaint against him. Also Read: Rape accuse granted bail by Madhya Pradesh HC to marry the victim

A woman from Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh fell in love with her servant to the limit of absurdity, who approached her for employment. The servant named Vijay is from Kishanpur, Raisen district also kept on pretending with her by bluffing to be married in the future and also told her that he seriously is in love with her. Both fell for each other and started to live-in together without wedlock. After living together for almost 4 years, Vijay went home but never returned to the woman. Also Read: A man from Aurangabad has been arrested by Mumbai Police for abusing Sonakshi Sinha on Social media

In search of her love, the businesswoman went to his house, in Raisen. In her complaint, she told SP Monica Shukla that a man used to work for her. They both fell in love and started living together. They stayed together for a long time and now the man has run away. Also Read: Man killed a married woman for rejecting his proposal for an illicit relationship; arrested: Police

The woman put allegations on her servant, Vijay that he was romantically involved with her for the last four years and promised her of getting married. A few days back, he went to his home and said that he would be back soon. But, after getting home he changed his mood and denied coming back to her. And when she went to Vijay’s house, his family hit her up and wanted to sell her in Nagpur.

According to the woman, Vijay had taken seven lakh rupees from her before coming  Shukla said that directions have been put on to report a lawsuit on the woman’s application in the concerned police station. Police have begun an inquiry on her complaint.

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