21-year-old student ends life due to PUBG ban

A 21-year-old student, identified as Pritam Halder, was found hanging in his Purba Lalpur home in West Bengal on Friday.

Pritam has allegedly committed suicide due to the PUBG ban. He was upset because he couldn’t play the game anymore.

Pritam had breakfast in the morning and went back into his room. When his mother called him for lunch there was no response, after repeatedly banging on the door, the parents called their neighbors for help and broke the door open and found him hanging.

“When I went to call him for lunch, his room was locked from inside. After repeated bangings when he did not open the door, I called the neighbors. They broke into the room and found him hanging from the ceiling fan,” she said.

The parents said their son was very upset about not being able to play PUBG anymore.

“He would play it at night. I think he died by suicide as he was not being able to play PUBG,” she said.

Police said that after talking to the family members they believe that Pritam killed himself for not being able to play the mobile game, which was blocked by the government on Wednesday.

PUBG was banned by the Central government along with the other 117 Chinese apps on Wednesday due to the ongoing border and political disturbance between the two countries. Also Read: PUBG Ban: Government Bans 118 Chinese Apps and Games including AppLock, APUS Launcher, PUBG Mobile

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