I must use my voice to educate people about climate change says Bhumi Pednekar

I must use my voice to educate people about climate change says Bhumi Pednekar
I must use my voice to educate people about climate change says Bhumi Pednekar

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar is now in limelight as a climate activist who has taken up climate conversation among their fellow Indians and said that she wants to use her voice to bring a positive change towards environment protection. She wants to use her fame to educate the fellow Indians about climate change. Also Read: After Suhana Khan, Chitrangada open up about colourism shares: ‘I am brown and happy’!

Her initiative for environmental protection started a year ago. Bhoomi has launched an online and offline initiative called ‘Climate Warrior’. Her main motive behind this is that through this medium she mobilizing fellow Indian citizens to connect and contribute to environmental protection. Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan on ending colourism, says she was called ‘kaali chudail’

Bhoomi tells that she was aware and concern about environmental protection since her childhood. She said, “The fear that I had in my mind since childhood is that ‘oh god what would happen to this world! how this world survive when the water dries up?’ So to find out the answer to this question, I started reading up on climate change. I have always been aware and also tried to live a sustainable life since when I was an adult. But then I realize that I haven’t done enough till now so I decided to launch a climate warrior initiative as her first step for ‘environmental protection’ a year ago.”

The multifaceted actress Bhoomi has made a name for herself through her excellent acting skills and her hit record at the box office and she wants to use her stardom to educate her fellow Indians about climate change. Bhumi says, “I have become an actor. I have the power to reach a large number of audiences and I have always tried to do that through my cinema and social media to make a positive change in the world and educate fellow citizens about climate change!”

Bhoomi thinks that every individual has to participate in this mission to protect the environment. She said, “When we talk about the love for our nation protection, family protection, Are we really mean this? Because this is the time to think to protect our families, nation, and future generations and for that, we have to increase our knowledge about climate change and contribute to environmental protection. So I launched a climate warrior initiative, it is a platform where I promote advocacy and I am trying to create awareness among people regarding environmental protection. People should need to know that climate change is real! The idea is to bring change at the individual level.”

Along with Bhoomi Pednakar, Esha Gupta and many other famous personalities also participated in the mission towards environmental protection to save our planet. Also Read: Learn how to manage time between family and work from these Bollywood actresses

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