Facebook closes Seattle office after contractor catches coronavirus

Facebook recently said that one of their contractors has been diagnosed with the current virus, which came from China popularly known as Coronavirus, on Thursday at its Seattle office. So they had to shut the location through March 9. Through an email statement, a company spokeswoman informed that a contractor who worked at their office has been diagnosed with the COVID-19.

Seattle is a place in Washington State in the United States. And it is assumed that the coronavirus is badly affected by the people belongs to the United States. The research recently declared that the cases of the virus in the city rose to 39 and almost 10 deaths are caused by this virus on Wednesday. The Washington state health department said that a day earlier to these almost 27 cases came ahead and nine deaths happened in the city. People are suffering from this virus badly and steadily it rises to the other countries and reaching to the world slowly.

The health department is releasing precautions and aware people about to touch others carefully and stop shaking hands from each other. This little precaution can make you safe from this virus. It’s all for your health-conscious. So your health is in your hands. Keeps you clean and stop coming in contact with the disease people who probably suffering from sneezing, cough, and cold and any other kind of seasonal disease.

Also on Thursday, news came that one of another amazon employees also come in contact with this virus and when tested the case was found positive for the coronavirus. So amazon followed Facebook and Microsoft to do work from home through the end of the month. The Seattle employees are strictly ordered to prevent themselves from this virus and start working at home until the situation comes into control, So, amazon following the same so that they can also help their employees to come in contact with this virus and stay safe. These all are the precautions that are taken by the owners of the companies to prevent everyone from this virus.

Currently, reports said that, from the health department that most people are infected with this virus. They are castle coming in the contact with this virus. One of the amazon employees come into contact with coronavirus who worked at the south lake union office complex in Seattle. In addition to this, two more employees are also found infected with coronavirus of the company in Milan and Italy.

On Wednesday, Microsoft said or declared that some or few essential employees or workers should continue to go to their work locations but the country would follow the government guidelines so that they can be safe from this virus and stay away from this virus. They can go to their work disinfecting only to follow the rules of the government. It is important for essential personnel.

Bloomberg was the first who reported the news that the Facebook contractor being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

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