“Cultural Requirement”; Pakistan bank has made Hijab & ‘Loose Dresses’ mandatory for women employees

"Cultural Requirement"; Pakistan bank has made Hijab & 'Loose Dresses' mandatory for women employees
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A Pakistani private bank has carried out a new dress code for its female employees. Last week, in an order published by the Faysal Bank head office, made compulsory for its female workers to wear hijab and loose-fitting dresses for the sake of ‘cultural requirement’. This decision has faced massive backlash and called ‘discriminatory’ and ‘sexist’ on social media. Also Read: Rahul Dev becomes first Hindu to join Pakistan Air Force, read details

The order states, “All female employees should clothe gracefully with the cultural criterion that are shalwar kameez, kurta suit, or any modest dressing. As instructed by Islamic mandate, all the female staff in the Islamic Banking Group that Head Office and Islamic Branches are required to wear Hijab (a scarf wrapped around head and hairs and a gown covering hands up to wrists and feet till toes without being pretentious) during duty, training and customers’ visits.”

Following this new dress protocol is obligatory and will apply to regular female employees and internees also. New female candidates will also be instructed about it during the interview sessions. Female employees have also been instructed to show vigilance in their makeup and jewellery choice. Moreover, they have been advised to wear shoes or formal flat heels. Also Read: Tinder, Skout and other dating apps banned in Pakistan for showing ‘Immoral, Indecent’ content

However, for male workers, there is no dress code related to the Islamic mandate. For men, the announcement states, “male employees shall sport a suit or dress trousers, dress shirt, suit jacket, necktie and dress shoes during office hours. Shalwar kameez with a formal waistcoat or sherwani is also permitted. Employees facing customers in branches open on Saturdays shall also follow this code from Monday through Saturday.”

According to the bank, the dress code is built to guide the business values of employees and applies to every employee of Faysal Bank.

The move has also triggered outrage and attracted strong reaction from people on social media:

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