29-year-old doctor quits job to serve a neglected village in Himachal 

29-year-old doctor quits job to serve a neglected village in Himachal 
29-year-old doctor quits job to serve a neglected village in Himachal (Image credit: The Better India)

When a new doctor was appointed in October 2019 in the local Public Health Centre, residents of Rakcham village, in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh were happy to get a doctor after months. Still, they were not sure if the doctor would be able to live in such a tough environment and adjust to a totally varied lifestyle. Also Read: Meet Shyam Upadhyay- Only living lawyer in India who works in Sanskrit

Dr. Shilpa Kumar, who is 29-year-old and had quit her residency at Delhi’s LNJP hospital also had concerns to go to a very different climate but she was very determined about her resolution. She reminded herself of her resolution to make healthcare convenient in the remotest of areas. Also Read: This 82-yr-old Doctor alone lowered MP District’s Maternal Mortality Rate

She was born in Chhattisgarh but she lived in several parts of India as her father was an army officer. This played a crucial role in her life and she always wished to provide medical services to the needy.

Last year, she went on a trip to Bir in Himachal Pradesh to visit her friends. She realized that many ignorant people are in terrible need of health care. So, she started finding chances in rural areas.

After some time, she got to know that the area had a shortage of government doctors. The Shimla government was conducting interviews for doctors for Public Health Centres. She applied and was selected to serve in Rakcham.

The villagers were neglected till then but when Shilpa made individual health cards for patients with diabetes and blood pressure problems to have their track, they were impressed.

She made real efforts to befriend patients. She gave them regular guidance related to health and time to time convinced them that she was there to stay and would not leave them with no healthcare. She focussed on people who needed routine check-ups and had minor injury cases.

She was accepted by 800 odd villagers, wholeheartedly. And did not feel right to leave the village and go home to Bengaluru during the coronavirus pandemic. 

To aware people of the pandemic, Shilpa personally went to every household in the village and checked for vital signs. It was really hard to cover more than 20 houses in a day due to the unfavorable climate condition. Besides, educating people about coronavirus and she attends the Sangla health centre daily for OPD-related cases. She spends her weekends going for a hike. It has been a year since she joined and it has been a trip full of wisdom. Also Read: Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi to offer India’s ‘Cheapest’ MRI scan at only Rs 50 from December

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