Mobile Phones Are Really Good or Creating Some Critical Issues?

Mobile Phones Are Really Good or Creating Some Critical Issues?- Soochna
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Everybody knows that Mobil phones, which we all use all the time or stick over it, are very helpful in our daily routine. It has its pros as well as its cons. Nowadays, not only the youth but the old one and the children are also using mobile phones with many reasons like studying, getting rid of boring, knowledge gaining, news, entertainment, and many other things. 

But did you know? In contrast to mobile phones, it has so many bad effects over not only youth but also children’s and old ones, the excessive use of mobile phones can create so many causes like sleeping disorder, creates stress and spread loneliness and unhappiness. Besides this, the recent study shows that using mobile phones can be a measure cause of cancer. 


Mobile phones are affecting the health of the people, according to the study, the quick development and widespread use of mobile phones creating problems like cancer while they communicate and interact. Some mental health symptoms are found among young adults or youth. 

Mental health results include the problems like current stress, sleeping disorders and it leads you to the depression, unhappiness and loneliness as well. It is calculated that these mental health results are separate in both men and women. 

We all are aware of those mobile phones release various types of harmful signals like microwaves, FM waves, and X rays. Every signal has its strength to harm the human body. They are even so powerful and enough to vary the DNA of a cell and cause a harmful effect which makes the human body totally destroy. 

These UV waves and x rays create so many health problems and sometimes serious, it even can change your DNA parts. It is called ionizing emission which releases from mobile phones. 

Harmful effects of mobile phones

Every cell phone has a hidden antenna that emits the harmful rays and also harms your body. It produces the RF days which can damage your head. The level of influence that emits by human cells includes a period of time, miles to the device, miles to the closet tower, number of active users per tower, the model of the device, etc.

The dangers of cell phones

Cell phone radiation harms your body. These gadgets produced high-level radiations which are dangerous to humans. 

Cell phones and cancer both are the terms as are considered to be synonyms for some people. There’s no urgent need to panic without a thorough investigation of what the real influence of devices is. The researchers said that it causes cancer and harms your head badly. 

Using Mobile phones is now becoming a controversial issue that is responsible for cancer risk. It is now the biggest evidence that mobile phones are now creating cancer among the youth and it causes stress. Many pieces of evidence have proved that mobile phones don’t cause the cancer risk or leukemia including brain cancer while many others say that it is found a brain cancer among people mainly on the side of the head that they hold their phones but still they are unable to find any cancer cases. 

The effect of mobile phones’ radiation

Cell phones are one of the good sources of communication but we can’t deny its radiations as well, but we also know that without radiation there will be no signals at all. The recent data has shown that mobile phones in the upper pocket can lead to heart disease and in a trouser pocket, it leads you infertility and so on. To prevent this radiation you should use Bluetooth headset as much you can use. 

The harm of playing with mobile phone 

Before bedtime 

• Influence biological clock

Using phones or any other electronic device that produces harmful lights for more than an hour in bed lacks the amount of melatonin which is released by people almost 22%, it will affect your psychological circle badly. 

• Damage skin 

The harmful radiations of mobile phones can damage your skin because when you use the phone it is too near to your skin or face, it will easily get acne on your face. 

• Numbness of fingers

The often use of keystrokes hurt your thumb. The regular and excessive use of texting can make your thumbs sore, numbness and swelling. 

• Allergy 

Cell phones create so many allergies and once they get this allergy they started to use it for a short time. 


• Neck and shoulder exercise 

The best way to prevents yourself from these problems is the regular exercise of your neck and shoulder by rotating your neck from right to left And up and down almost 10 or 20 times for the strong effect. This will feel you relax. 


When you go for a walk outside, looking at the sky constantly to relax your mind and also give an appreciation to the paintings hanging on the wall, helps you to get rid of these problems. 


It is found that mobile phones have no links with health effects and especially short term mobile phone use does not cause brain cancer and any other function. Still, now the proof is found yet about the symptoms of cancer. 

They said that the health risk that creates problems by phones is driving accidents because people use to talk with others while driving and it causes road accidents. Mobile phones are truly responsive to stress, unhappiness, and loneliness but it doesn’t cause cancer. 

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