IIT BHU prepared special ink, which can easily identify fake currency notes and marksheets

IIT BHU prepared special ink, which can easily identify fake currency notes and marksheets
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In IIT Bhu, such ink has been prepared, using which one can easily find out fake currency notes and fake marksheets. Assistant Professor of IIT BHU’s School of Biochemical, Dr. Vishal Mishra’s research was published in The Journal of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society, and the application for the patent was also accepted. Also Read: Varanasi girls make ‘Smart Knife’ which can alert police & family in an emergency

It has now been decided to send a letter to the government for further action in this direction. Vishal Mishra, a doctor of the School of Bio-Chemical Engineering, said that this ink has been prepared using a chemical called Neutrant Media used earlier. This chemical is used for the growth of bacteria. Which is like a powder. Also Read: Hyderabad girl adopts lioness in memory of late grandfather from Nehru Zoological Park

The powder is used only after mixing it with pure water. It is a very low-cost chemical widely used in biochemistry, microbiology laboratory to support the growth of microbes.

He explained that the ultraviolet fluorescent ink that has been prepared is used on paper, so it is not visible in daylight.

Vishal Mishra told me that he started this research with his team only in January this year. The patent has also been approved in October. Now there are plans to send it to places like ICMR, DST, DBT, etc. so that further work can be done in this direction.

Vishal Mishra, the researcher, said that notes and marksheets with fluorescent ink can be easily seen in 360-nanometer ultraviolet. Its cost is also very low. The use of this ink will not only provide information about counterfeit notes but also forged documents including marksheets can be easily captured. Also Read: South Asian Kho Kho Champion, Is Still Struggling For a Government Job

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