Facebook-Google get a strong revenue from India, occupy 68% of the online ad market

With the rise in digital media, many of the advertisement enterprises are using digital platforms to advertise their products. According to recent researches, about 20% of India’s advertisements are digital.

India contributes the most to social media giants like Facebook and Google. These giants earn fortunes from India’s marketing enterprises. India uses digital media for ads and because of which Facebook-Google earns a lot from here. In FY 2019, Facebook-Google earned ₹11,500 crores from India.

 With the emergence of digital media in India, large amounts of advertisements are done digitally. 20% of the ads in India are digital ads. Facebook-Google occupies 68% of the online ad market. The other social media platforms also earn a lot of their revenue from India.

According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar, in 2019 itself, Indian companies spent ₹3835 crores on social media advertisements of which 25% was spent on paid search.

The advantage in India is that there are more than 68 crore internet users and because of which the digital media is growing fast, this is also the reason why social media giants give India a lot of importance.

TikTok has also grown a lot over the years and China was getting a lot of revenue from Indian TikTokers. But due to the ongoing border dispute and other disturbances, India decided to ban TikTok for good. From October 2019-December 2019 TikTok earned ₹25 Crores from India.

According to data and certain reports by the year, 2022 Indian companies will spend ₹28249 crores on online advertisements. In 2019 the expenditure was ₹13683 crores. It has been predicted that by the year 2025 India’s online advertising market is expected to be more than ₹58000 crore

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