Women beating Kangana Ranaut’s posters with Chappals, actress says ‘Mumbai is Addicted to Blood’

Kangana Ranaut recently compared Mumbai to PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) after the CP of the Mumbai police like a derogatory tweet against Kangana. Also Read: Kangana Ranaut says Mumbai feels like PoK, ‘Tweet Triggers Wide Criticism’ Bollywood trends I love Mumbai

Kangana tweeted, “I see many people threatening me not to come back to Mumbai, so I have decided to travel to Mumbai this coming week on 9th September, I will post the time I land at the Mumbai airport, kisi ke baap mein himmat hai toh rok le”

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has retaliated to this tweet and in a statement to ANI, he said, “Kangana has insulted Maharashtra and Mumbai Police. There must be some political party that is supporting her that is why she is speaking like this. A conspiracy is being hatched to malign the image of Mumbai and Mumbai Police

“If Kangana is bringing security from Himachal then it is her responsibility. We have no personal enmity with them. But they should not use such language. The city you live in. Where you earn it is not right to speak wrongly about that city and the police. The Police protect you and you are speaking about it anonymously. Does all this suit an educated woman. This is the mental case people are talking about.”

Maharashtra’s home minister Anil Deshmukh has also commented on her tweets and said, Kangana has no right to live in Maharashtra or Mumbai. ‘Mumbai Police is compared to Scotland Yard. Some people are trying to target Mumbai Police. An IPS officer has gone to court against it. Kangana has no right to live in Maharashtra or Mumbai.”

After all, this went down, the Shiv Sainiks started to hit her Sarerah poster with sandals and protest against her. The actress shared the video of the protests and said Mumbai is ‘Addicted to blood.’

Kangana in the tweet said, “After killing Sushant and the Sadhus, now my posters are being beaten with slippers. This is happening with the statements given in my administration. It seems that Mumbai is addicted to blood.”

Soon after which netizens took sides, some supported Kangana while some trolled the supporters. But the ruling party criticized Kangana. The state Home Minister said, if anyone feels unsafe here, they have no right to live here.

The National Commission for Women President, Rekha Sharma said, none of Kangana’s tweets felt that she was a traitor or threatened any person. This reveals the ideology  of Shiv Sena leaders that if a woman speaks freely, they cannot bear them.”

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