Sanjay Raut calls Kangana ‘Haramkhor Ladki’, Bollywood comes in support for Kangana, asks Raut to apologize

After Kangana Ranaut’s infamous tweet comparing Mumbai to PoK went viral there has been a war of words between Shiv Sena and Kangana. Also Read: Kangana Ranaut says Mumbai feels like PoK, ‘tweet triggers wide criticism’ Bollywood trends I love Mumbai

Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut abused Kangana and has threatened to insult her father as well. In an interview with News Nation, Raut called Kangana ‘Haramkhor Ladki’ (Characterless girl). This statement drew a lot of fury among social media users and celebrities like Dia Mirza. Kangana also expressed her displeasure on Raut’s remarks.

Posting a video on Twitter on Sunday, and Instagram handle, Ranaut slammed the politician. She said, “You are a public servant and a minister and must be aware that in this country how many women are raped every hour. How they are abused at work, disrespected, and how their husbands beat them up. And you know who is responsible for this? It is this mindset that is responsible for such treatment meted out to women, the same mindset you have presented in front of this country and the society. The women in this country will not forgive you as you have empowered those who victimize females.”

“When Aamir Khan said that he feels unsafe in the country, nobody called him Haramkhor. I used to heap praise on Mumbai Police but they keep silent on the lynching on Hindus in Palghar or when they deny registering an FIR of a helpless father like that of Sushant Singh Rajput’s and they do not take my statement then it is my right to express my opinion. If I criticize Mumbai Police or if I criticize you, then you can’t say I am insulting Maharashtra. You aren’t Maharashtra. Your people are threatening me, still, I’ll come to Mumbai on Sept 9. You and your people are saying that they will break my jaw and kill me. You do it because this country has been built on the blood of those who shed theirs and I will too give my blood to this country”, she argued.

Celebs like Dia Mirza and Ranvir Shorey came in Kangana’s supports and demanded an apology from Sanjay Raut.

After Dia and Shorey Film Director Manish Mundra and Folk Singer Malini Awasthi have also spoken out in Kangana defense.

Manish said, “This is the class of political leaders we breed. illiterate, full of false ego!”

“Just listen to his words which are being used for a woman. Whether you support the ideology or style of a person or not that’s a separate issue. But to use such language shows level of Maharashtra Politics, #shame” he added.

Malini shared a video of Raut and said, “Will those who acknowledge Kangana not denounce openly to this language?”

Raut in response to the backlash said he will THINK about apologizing to the actress for his remarks IF she apologizes for comparing Mumbai with PoK.

Raut was quoted saying, “If that girl (Actor Kangana Ranaut) will apologize to Maharashtra, then I will think about it (of apologizing). She calls Mumbai a mini Pakistan. Does she have the courage to say the same about Ahmedabad?: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut” (sic)

Kangana said, “In 2008 Movie Mafia declared me a Psycho, in 2016 they called me a Witch and Stalker in 2020 Maharashtra Minister publicity gave me the title of Haramkhor Ladki because I said after a murder I feel unsafe in Mumbai, where are INTOLERANCE debate warriors?” (sic)

Talking in support of Kangana Ranaut over her controversial remark on the Mumbai Police, Haryana Minister Anil Vij said on Friday that the Bollywood actress “should be allowed to make revelations freely”.

Anil Vij further said that Kangana Ranaut “should be given police protection”.

Shiv Sena’s ally Congress has also joined in on the controversy involving Sanjay Raut and Kangana Ranaut. Party leader Sanjay Nirupam tweeted that Kangana’s opinion of Mumbai is not valid to them.

Taking to Twitter, Nirupam said, “Kangana Ranaut’s comment on Mumbai is unacceptable for all of us. We all condemned it. But the Shiv Sena took the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and used foul language for Kangana, this is despicable of Shiv Sena. It is an insult to the Maharaj that his name is being taken to publicly abuse anyone. People in government should condemn this conduct.”

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