Sanjay Raut says, ‘Don’t be fooled to test my courage, I have already turned many storms,’ Sambit Patra attacks

After the Kanga Ranaut and Sanjay Raut controversy broke out there has been a lot to deal with on Twitter. Also Read: Kangana Ranaut says Mumbai feels like PoK, ‘Tweet Triggers Wide Criticism’ Bollywood trends I love Mumbai

Raut now has said that he will THINK about apologizing to ‘that girl’ (Kangana) only if she apologizes for her tweet on Mumbai Police. Also Read: Sanjay Raut calls Kangana ‘Haramkhor Ladki’, Bollywood comes in support for Kangana, asks Raut to apologize

After receiving a lot of backlashes he uploaded a new tweet, ‘she (Kangana) called Mumbai a mini Pakistan. Do you have the guts to say the same about Ahmedabad?’

In another tweet, he said, ‘Do not dare test my courage I have turned many storms,’ and captioned it Jai Maharashtra’

After this tweet went viral Sambit Patra targeted the Shiv Sena leader in a tweet and said, “This is what the world is asking… After all, what is it that you want to turn the tide of “Drugs, Death & Dhoka” storm at any cost?” Patra questioned in a retweet to Raut’s post highlighting his ‘courage‘ and stating that he has turned the ‘tide of many storms before’.

The Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament ‘warned’ that one should not commit the mistake of ‘judging’ his courage, but offered nothing by way of apology for his horrific language that has no place in public discourse.

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