Meet Hyderabad IAS officer powering a recycling revolution

Meet Hyderabad IAS officer powering a recycling revolution
Ms. Hari Chandana Dasari was selected in UPSC services, as an IAS officer of the 2010 batch of the Telangana State Cadre | Soochna

Ms. Hari Chandana Dasari is known for her concern about climate change and as an advocate of recycling which won her many commendations. She was selected in UPSC services, as an IAS officer of the 2010 batch of the Telangana State Cadre. Nowadays, she is serving as the District Magistrate of the Narayanpet district, Telangana. Also Read: The success story of fearless IAS officer from Rajasthan, a human being is identified not by his stature but by his ability

She also worked in various zones of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and performed a tenure of the span of over five and a half years. With her wide variety of Eco-friendly and imaginative drives in all spheres of Urban administration, she was instrumental in bringing the Hyderabad City onto the National and International forum. Also Read: Telangana: This dynamic IAS officer through her admirable work and honesty has a village named in her honor, let’s know in details

Known to come up with ingenious schemes for the advancement of the poor and the needy, she has been very practical at executing them. Projects like ‘Feed The Need’, ‘Pet Park’, ‘Plastic Recycled Foot Paths’, ‘Usage of Drones’ for the first time in fighting mosquitos, ‘Give And Share’, ‘Durgam Cheruvu Rejuvenation’ are some of her spectacularly winning endeavours that have led to the refinement of the ecosystem. She also initiated the ‘She Toilets’ and ‘She Marts’ popularly known as Pink Public toilets, in Hyderabad.

Hari Chandana’s contribution to the introduction of luxury toilet cafes (LOO Cafes) in the city of Hyderabad which enables citizens free of cost access to hygienic washrooms is much adored as well. This kind of cafes is also being carried out in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Also Read: IAS officer Aditya Ranjan is changing the face of education and development in Jharkhand

She majorly contributed to making her office GHMC Serlingampally, India’s first Zero Waste Office, and secured an ISO 14001 Certification. Her guidance and persuasiveness as the jurisdictional civic chief were played a vital function in the construction of the World’s Longest Extradosed Cable-Stayed Bridge erected at Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad.

It is indeed no wonder she was selected as one of the Top Four Successful & Dynamic IAS/IPS officers making a difference across the Nation and among the top 10 IAS officers chosen by the Better India for her contribution towards ‘green governance’.

Ms. Hari Chandana is a passionate reader and a green warrior apart from leading from the front in the fight against COVID-19, however, Narayanpet district was much successful in curtailing the spread of the pandemic.

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